Creating the Perfect Look with a Canvas Bag

by Jacki Alcorn March 29, 2016

Pier 29 Canvas Journey CrossbodyCreating a signature style is a great way to make a fashion statement. It sets you apart from the crowd and makes you unique and interesting to others. A canvas bag can be a great accessory for starting off your very own signature look.


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How to Clean Your Braided Rug

by Jacki Alcorn March 22, 2016

Braided rug with dogThe rugs in your home can add comfort and character that can be hard to get any other way. Braided rugs, in particular, are fantastic for adding an esthetic element that can’t be found in other kinds of rugs. Even those these rugs are easier to clean than other varieties, you still need to know how to properly clean them. Here are a few tips.


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6 Contemporary Quilts You'll Love

by Jacki Alcorn March 21, 2016

Tree shadows quiltToday’s quilting puts a new twist on the traditional art form. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this art form is that it is individual to the person creating the quilt, reflecting the personality and interpretation of every quilter.


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Kitchen Décor Hacks to Change Your Life

by Jacki Alcorn March 18, 2016

Kitchen  Do you feel like your kitchen needs refreshing? Don’t have the budget for a full renovation? Here are some game-changing design hacks for your kitchen that will add style, increase storage and overall simplify your life. Go on, try them!




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Decorating Tips for a Manly Room

by Jacki Alcorn March 16, 2016


If you are a married man, being able to completely decorate your own room may not be an option. You are your wife can decide on what works for both of you. But for those men living the single life, one of the most important rooms for trendy bedding and bold, fresh colors is the bedroom. Here are some design tips to take your bedroom from zero to hero-worthy.


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Creating a Cozy Yet Hip Teen Bedroom

by Jacki Alcorn March 15, 2016

Hip teen bedroomHas it been a while since  you have updated your teenagers bedroom? If it’s time to turn your child’s bedroom into a hip, cozy retreat, here are some suggestions on how to do it.

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A Guide to Decorating Your Daughters’ Bedroom

by Jacki Alcorn March 08, 2016

pink bedroomChildren go through tons of changes as they grow up. So it’s only natural that their bedrooms go through changes too. The room you so loving decorated for your newborn slowly changes as the years go by and your baby grows up. Here’s a guide to creating a trendy girl’s bedroom with the help of your daughter, of course.


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Creating a Trendy Home on a Budget

by Jacki Alcorn February 22, 2016

Living roomCreating a high-end looking home can be hard, especially if your decorating budget is limited. The good news is there are ways to create that trendy look. Check out these simple ways to make your home look elegant without breaking the bank.


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11 Modern Quilting Boards to Follow on Pinterest

by Jacki Alcorn January 14, 2016

Uptown Casual pinterest boardOur love for Pinterest grows with every passing day, as hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals enrich the online community with their ideas, creations, and inspirational journeys. The quilting community has always thrived online, so it’s no surprise that you can find a wealth of pins, boards, and dialogue on Pinterest, too. 


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How to Organize a Teen’s Room

by Jacki Alcorn January 13, 2016

Teen on skateboardTeenagers seem to be quite comfortable with a bedroom that’s comparable to a wading pool full of shoes, clothing, books and a melee of other items. Organizing your messy teenager’s bedroom can be a lot easier when your teen realizes how many benefits there are to an orderly environment.

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Bedroom Upgrades On a Budget

by Jacki Alcorn January 07, 2016 1 Comment

Bedroom with curtains on postIt can be nice to have a simple bedroom, but sometimes adding a little twist in the design can have a massive impact. What’s great about upgrading your bedroom is that you can do it on a budget. Since your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before closing your eyes at night, it’s worth thinking about different ways to make it more beautiful. Here are a few options.

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Get the Look: Modern Luxe Grey Bedroom

by Jacki Alcorn December 16, 2015

Adelaide Grey bedroom
If you’ve never decorated a room in grey scale, you might be intimidated, thinking that it would be all too easy to make the room gloomy or dull. However, by layering shades of grey – meaning black and white and every shade in between – with different textures of grey, the total effect is downright luxurious.


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Accessorizing Your Handbag

by Jacki Alcorn December 11, 2015

caviar handbag

Accessorizing your handbag means dressing it up to make it prettier, unique or more fashionable. Many people choose accessories to style their handbags and match their personalities. Others simply want to “bling” a basic bag.




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Creating a Winter Wonderland Bedroom

by Jacki Alcorn December 04, 2015

rugDespite its cold, winter has some seriously unique elegance and beauty. Soothing color palettes, simple yet peculiar icicle forms and intricate snowflake ornaments - these can all be sources of inspiration for turning your bedroom into a winter wonderland.




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Make Your Kitchen Warm and Inviting This Holiday Season

by Jacki Alcorn November 25, 2015

How Whimsical table runnercan you turn your kitchen into a family-friendly, warm space for the holidays? By using the right color palette, sectioning techniques and finishing touches, you can create a kitchen where everyone will want to hang out these holidays.

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Where Do You Shop For the Holidays?

by Jacki Alcorn November 18, 2015

Christmas giftsWhether you prefer to do your Christmas shopping online, in a physical store, or at the last minute, we've outlined some of the best days to find bargains and get your shopping taken care of this season.


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How to Give Your Bedroom that Urban Industrial Look

by Jacki Alcorn November 10, 2015

Ashmont beddingWhile few of us tend to live in factories, there are plenty of elements of industrial design that we can easily apply to both period and modern properties. If you love distressed finishes and intricate textures, it’s time for an urban industrial bedroom makeover.

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Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

by Jacki Alcorn November 09, 2015

Gabrielle BeddingBohemian is somewhat of a hodge-podge of everything; it’s a little modern, a little eclectic and always vintage. That’s the beauty of this style. When you enter a Bohemian bedroom you will notice a fair few things...




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Awesome Tween Bedroom Ideas

by Jacki Alcorn October 28, 2015

Tween bedroomsTween bedrooms are certainly the unchartered territory of interior design. The stakes are pretty high: it’s the stage of life where coolness and individuality is everything and a personal space can help your tween transition into a fully-fledged teenager. Let us help you pull it all together.


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10 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

by Jacki Alcorn October 23, 2015

Infinity ScarfIf you are a fan of scarves, chances are you own an infinity scarf or two. Since the days are starting to get a little cooler, scarves are probably getting ready to come out in full force so you may want to learn a few different ways to wear an infinity scarf to keep outfits fresh and versatile.

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How to Give Your House that Down Home Country Christmas Feel

by Jacki Alcorn October 07, 2015

Burlap tree skirtWhether you live in Kentucky or the mountains of Colorado, many seek that old traditional feel of a down home country Christmas. The interesting thing about the down home country Christmas theme is that there are different styles within the theme. To make it easier, we’ve narrowed it down to 2 different styles: Classic Farmhouse Country and Mountain Country Christmas.

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Let Us Help You Check Some of the Women in Your Life Off of Your Holiday List

by Jacki Alcorn October 05, 2015

Handmade canvas handbag
The beauty of gift baskets is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to one single item—you can arrange a collection of all of her favorite things! Rather than the prepackaged gift baskets that you get in stores, why not use a purse or handbag for the basket?

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Get Your Table Ready for Thanksgiving with Our Seasonal Décor Checklist

by Jacki Alcorn September 23, 2015

Harvest placematWith the temperatures dropping and the leaves changing their hue, that can only mean one thing – it’s finally fall! The hallmark holiday of the fall season is without a doubt Thanksgiving. Whether you’re celebrating the season with autumn-hued leaves and sunflowers or a rustic harvest theme accented by pumpkins and gourds, if you’re hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner at your house, it’s never too early to start planning the decorations. So, let's take a look at this checklist to get your table ready for Thanksgiving!

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How to Use Quilts to Mix Traditional with 3 Top Décor Trends for your Master Bedroom

by Jacki Alcorn September 16, 2015

Are you a new homeowner or a current homeowner that’s ready to give your master bedroom a style update? With styling tools like Pinterest, you may find yourself pinning different décor elements and the latest home décor trends. The top 3 home décor trends right now are Moroccan style, Geometric prints, and monochromatic neutrals. The key element to all of these trends is...

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